About us

The Turtle Creek Homeowners Association is a nonprofit corporation that represents the interests of the owners and residents of the 141 homes within the Turtle Creek Subdivision in Novi, Michigan. A map of the subdivision lots is available here.

Association documents

By-Laws of the Turtle Creek Homeowners Association
Declaration of Covenants, Agreements and Restrictions

Building permits

Any additions or remodeling to the exterior of existing residences that require a Building Permit from the City of Novi must be submitted to the Board of Directors of Turtle Creek Homeowner’s Association for approval. The City of Novi will NOT ISSUE a Building Permit without an approval letter and signature of the President of the Turtle Creek Homeowner’s Association.

Please contact the board president on the Contacts page for further assistance.


Homeowners association dues and trash collection fees are collected once per year, due on the May 1st of each year. Currently, Turtle Creek dues are $125.00/year; trash pick-up is $155.00/year.

Trash pickup

Trash is picked up on Fridays, unless there is a holiday during the week, then trash pick-up is on Saturday. Trash participation is billed yearly with the homeowners invoice; those choosing not to participate will not have their trash picked up.

Bulk waste

Bulk waste such as furniture, appliances, carpet and fixtures are included as part of Turtle Creeks trash pick-up and will not have to be paid for separately. Turtle Creek recommends calling Duncan Disposal as a courtesy to notify them that you have a bulk item to be picked up as most trucks only have one person operating them.

Yard waste

Yard waste consists of grass clippings, weeds, leaves, small twigs, potting soil, minor amounts of dirt from planting, and vegetables. Yard waste can be disposed of in a trash can marked “Yard Waste” or in brown paper lawn bags. Plastic bags are not accepted.

Branches smaller than 3″ in diameter and no longer than 3′ long can also be disposed of and should be bundled with twine. Bundles should be no larger than 18″ in diameter and weigh no more than 60 lbs.

Yard waste pick-up starts on the Friday of the 1st full week in April and runs to the last Friday in November. Christmas trees will be picked up with regular trash any time after the holiday.


Recycling pick-up is year round and is on the same day as trash pick-up. Please click here for recycling guidelines from Duncan Disposal.