New entrance bridges completed

As you’ve probably noticed, the old Turtle Creek entrance bridges are just a memory. The old wooden bridges had served us well, but time had taken it’s toll and significant repairs were required…

The new bridges were constructed by subdivision volunteers using a composite material that should be maintenance free for many years and continue to add value to our neighborhood.

Be sure to stop by and check them out next time you stroll around the neighborhood!


New entrance bridges coming soon!

The Turtle Creek entrance bridges are in rough shape and need replacement. One of our residents, Loren Konkus, has agreed to take charge of the project. A composite decking material such as Trex will be used and is expected to last many years without fading or needing maintenance. Brian Sharrow is checking into discount options. Jim Rzepka will help with demolition. Sherrie Konkus will put photos on the sub website as things progress. Thank you to Loren, Brian, Jim & Sherrie for volunteering their time!